Telephony & VOIP

Telephony and VOIP Solutions with Star2Star Communications

RawTec is a provider of Star2Star VOIP Phone System. Star2Star VOIP PBX is a well architected Business Grade Internet Phone solution that will bring back together the disparate world of remote or traveling employees. They can use a Star2Star Phone, Traditional Phone or PC soft phone (from their laptop) to make and receive calls as part of the phone system. They can be included in ring groups, queues, transfers etc. If you have more than one office you can tie them all together using Star2Star. Calls not answered at one location can be automatically routed to another location. You can share ring groups, queues and transfers between all your locations.

Star2Star VOIP Phone System features include:VOIP

  • Up to 500 users
  • Supports DSL, Cable, and T1 up to 4 T1 lines
  • Solid State (no moving parts)
  • Monitored 24x7x365
  • Dial directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • Receive your voice mail in your email
  • Unlimited set of voice menus leading to individuals
  • Auto Attendant option
  • Real disaster recovery options
  • All parts guaranteed for replacement even if it is due to fire, water, lighting, accident, etc.