Safety Tip of the Week - Week2

Correct Mouse Placement

Often the keyboard is on a tray and mouse still on desk. Recommendation is that keyboard and mouse are placed side by side on same level.

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Safety Tip of the Week - Week1

Take steps to prevent Computer Eye Strain:

  • Eliminate excessively bright light either from outdoor sunlight or from harsh interior lighting.
  • Use anti-glare screen on monitors.
  • Take regular breaks to allow eyes to relax.
  • Correct position of monitor. Monitor should be eye level and 20 – 26 inches from eyes.
  • Get a comprehensive eye exam.
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Benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint in a Small-Medium Business Enterprise

SharePoint is the worlds most popular collaborative document storage and content management system, gaining popularity in the medium to small size business world. This tool has proven to increase productivity among workers and also make a positive impact on the bottom line of many organizations. SharePoint has become increasingly essential to a modern and efficient business with an impressive list of features to help organizations manage and organize their documents, and allow for convenient/secure access to business critical information. These include...

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