Warning of Financial Scam

Over the past year, there has been an increase in scammers that pose as company executives in an attempt to get wire transfers for a good sum of money.

These scammers do their homework and usually target the financial employees of a company, usually the one in charge of making payments, pretending to be the CEO or other high ranking company official that has authority to request payments.

The scammers will most often register a domain VERY similar to the domain they are targeting. For example, if the scammer was targeting the user at ‘mydomain.com’, they will register something along the lines of ‘mydoma1n.com’. The minor differences in these domains are often overlooked by staff and are believed to be legit emails. The scammers are believed to be sending the emails out on the same day that they are registering the domains, before the domain can be reported and suspended.

Please note that the emails may contain PDF attachments and may not. Ask yourself if this is normal procedure for your company? And if you get an email like this, double check with the sender verbally to see if they actually sent the email.

Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to stop these emails coming through, as the emails are created as the scammer needs them and we can only block the accounts that we know about. However we can prevent the scammers from being successful. It takes a lot more time and work on the scammers end to do this process then it does for us to prevent it from happening.